Leveraging Your Self-Directed IRA with Real Estate Investments

Presented by Next Generation and the East Coast Real Estate Investor Association

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Hold Your Real Estate Investments in a Tax-Advantaged Retirement Vehicle

Savvy real estate investors understand the power their investments have over their financial futures and will preach to their followers that getting into real estate investing can be one of the best ways to build generational wealth. These individuals immerse themselves within the market in order to learn about the best strategies to capitalize on their returns. This is why it is not uncommon for many investors to also look for ways to tax-shelter their investments and one of those ways is through a self-directed IRA.  

During this session, we introduce you to an avid real estate investor who is familiar with using self-directed IRAs--Carl Schiovone. He brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise to the conversation, bringing this strategy to life. Here's what you can expect to learn and take away from watching this webinar: 

  • Preparing to invest in RE and the importance of building a team of professionals
  • Why real estate investors should consider working with a business coach as part of that team
  • What it's like to use a self-directed IRA for real estate investing, how it works, and what to expect from the process

Please note that this webinar has been pre-recorded. Upon registering for the webinar, you will have options to ask questions or contact the hosts on the video player page.


Meet the Speakers

Scott Ritchie

Scott Ritchie
Former Employee - Business Development


Please note that this webinar was recorded while Scott Ritchie was the business development specialist with Next Generation. As of Friday, February 3rd, 2023, he is no longer employed with the company. The video player page will contain information on how to contact our business development team with any questions. 


Carl Schiovone

Carl Schiovone
Founder & President / Business Coach / Real Estate Investor

Carl has been actively involved in the real estate industry for over four decades and started initially buying rental properties and has specialized in providing quality housing throughout Long Island, NY. He has also deployed a Fix & Flip model and continues to be active in many types of real estate investing. Carl is a licensed Realtor and an approved real estate instructor in many states. Carl is the founder of Carl Schiovone & Associates Real Estate Coaching and provides both one on one and group business coaching. Additionally, he is the founder and President of East Coast REIA which is a networking and educational meetup platform. Initially trained as an Engineer, Carl brings his methodical and analytical approach to overcoming barriers to his comprehensive coaching programs.

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