Creative Ways to Invest in Real Estate with a Self-Directed IRA

Presented by NYC Network Group and Next Generation

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Get creative with your real estate investments!  

Most people who’ve heard of self-directed IRAs know they’re often used to invest in real estate. The common assumption is that this means holding a rental property or managing a fix and flip within the IRA. But what if you don’t have sufficient cash in your IRA to directly own a property, or you want a hands-off, more passive investment?

This session will explore some creative ways you can invest in real estate using a self-directed IRA. We’ll share specific examples and case studies that challenge you to think outside the box when considering self-directed IRA investments – whether they’re for yourself, a partner, or anyone in your network.

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Meet the Speakers

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Brittany Melville
Director, Marketing & Sales
Next Generation


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