"Lite" Your IRA LLC on Fire with this Crypto Investing Hack

Presented by Next Generation and ErisX

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A New Approach to Investing in Cryptocurrency Through a Self-Directed IRA 

As of January 2021, the number of individuals invested in cryptocurrency has reached over 100 million. With the growing popularity, we often get the question, "Can I hold crypto assets in my retirement account?" 

Before now, the only way to use a self-directed retirement account to invest in cryptocurrencies was through an IRA LLC. This was necessary because many crypto exchanges required the use of a digital wallet, which needs to be linked to a checking account. The LLC would allow the investor to open a business checking account, which would be used for the digital wallet. This creates what is commonly known as "checkbook control." 

However, there's now a new way to invest in cryptocurrencies without the need for an IRA LLC, which can simplify the process depending on your objectives.

Join us for this exciting webinar, where you will learn:

  • Crypto basics (what is blockchain; what are cryptocurrencies?)
  • Crypto compliance and regulation
  • Current events and market updates
  • Custody and investment process using a self-directed IRA
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Meet the Speakers

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Brittany Melville
Director, Marketing & Sales
Next Generation


Brittany applies her extensive experience in direct sales, marketing and customer relationship management at Next Generation. In her role, she develops and oversees the implementation of our marketing strategy across all media and works with our team to support sales initiatives. 

Brittany’s accomplishments throughout the years include designing and executing lead generation strategies across multiple channels, developing and nurturing multi-million dollar sales pipelines, enhancing digital marketing outreach, creating educational content, conducting market and competitive analyses, training sales personnel and improving internal processes to support sales. Prior to joining Next Generation Brittany held positions at Convergent Revenue Cycle Management, Inc., and Altria Group Distribution Company (formerly Philip Morris USA).

 Brittany graduated Cum Laude with a B.S. in marketing and business management from Boston College, and is certified as a Self-Directed IRA Professional (SDIP). Brittany and her husband currently live in Branchburg, NJ, with their son. She also owns a rental property at the Jersey Shore. In her free time she enjoys dancing, working out, playing piano, cooking, reading and cheering on her favorite football team, the Philadelphia Eagles.  


John Denza_ErisX

John Denza
Chief Commercial Officer

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John Denza is the Chief Commercial Officer at ErisX.  He was previously Director of Sales at BATS Global Markets/CBOE and was one of the early founding employees responsible for growing the Equities and Options franchise business. He has in depth experience leading and motivating sales teams, identifying strategic product enhancements and navigating evolving market structures. John graduated from Northeastern University with a B.A. in Political Science and Communications.

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