How to Invest Passively in a Short-Term Real Estate Flip Using a Self-Directed IRA

Presented by Next Generation and Feldman Property Partners

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If you're not already aware, real estate is one type of investment that can be included in a self-directed IRA. It's also extremely popular due to the investor's ability to gain better control over their investment returns. 

However, due to IRS regulations, self-directed IRA owners cannot perform any "sweat equity" on their IRA's  investments, which is typically warranted in real estate deals -- especially when it comes to fix & flip deals. In many cases, IRA owners will contract non-disqualified people to perform these tasks with all expenses flowing in/out of the IRA. But what if the IRA owner prefers to not be involved in those practices and have their investment completely managed for them?

That's where Steve Feldman, owner of Feldman Property Partners, steps in to offer his expertise for educational purposes. During this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why real estate?
  • Short-term passive investing models for better control on investment returns in real estate
  • Other real estate investing options through a self-directed IRA
  • Self-directed IRA basics and how to set one up
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Meet the Speakers

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Brittany Melville
Director, Marketing & Sales
Next Generation


Brittany applies her extensive experience in direct sales, marketing and customer relationship management at Next Generation. In her role, she develops and oversees the implementation of our marketing strategy across all media and works with our team to support sales initiatives.

Brittany’s accomplishments throughout the years include designing and executing lead generation strategies across multiple channels, developing and nurturing multi-million dollar sales pipelines, enhancing digital marketing outreach, creating educational content, conducting market and competitive analyses, training sales personnel and improving internal processes to support sales. Prior to joining Next Generation Brittany held positions at Convergent Revenue Cycle Management, Inc., and Altria Group Distribution Company (formerly Philip Morris USA).

Brittany graduated Cum Laude with a B.S. in marketing and business management from Boston College, and is certified as a Self-Directed IRA Professional (SDIP). Brittany and her husband currently live in Branchburg, NJ, with their 1 year-old son. She also owns a rental property at the Jersey Shore. In her free time she enjoys dancing, working out, playing piano, cooking, reading and practicing mindfulness meditation.


Steve Feldman

Steve Feldman
Founder and Managing Member
Feldman Property Partners




Steve Feldman was born and educated in Boston, Massachusetts where he was active in the Junior Achievement Program for entrepreneurial young people and was elected President of the Boston Chapter. He attended Massachusetts Bay Community College and received an Associates Degree in Business Administration. He served in the Massachusetts Army National Guard as the Senior Enlisted Aide to the Commanding General of the 26th Infantry Division. After basic training, Steve moved to downtown Boston while training as a Property Manager overseeing a garden complex of 2.200 apartments. He became a licensed real estate agent renting apartments and later selling houses before moving to New York City in 1975, where he resides int he same Manhattan apartment he found at that time. In NYC, he worked for Omni Funding Copr. as a commercial mortgage originator, and later for the Peregrine White Co. as a Commercial Leasing Agent before he started "flipping" foreclosures in New Jersey in 1990. He founded Feldman Property Partners in 1998 and has continued to return very high interest profits to all of his investors and Hard Money Banks. Steve has completed just under 400 deals during his 30-year career. 

Steve married his wife, Rochelle, from Brooklyn, on Sept. 8, 1985. 

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