How to Successfully Manage Real Estate Investments While Using Self-Directed IRAs

Presented by Navid Moosa and Next Generation

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Why Use a Self-Directed IRA for Real Estate Investing?

For most, real estate investing is an extremely lucrative business and has the potential to yield higher returns than investments within the stock market. For many investors, this is key for earning large profits -- fast. 

While real estate investors are motivated to find the best deals that will yield the highest return in the shortest amount of time (or even to build income over a long period of time), what most are not considering is that they can actually hold those types of investments in a tax-protected vehicle designed to benefit them in the long run...


Hence, the self-directed IRA. Real estate professionals can take the strategies they already know and use them to maximize their potential within a retirement account that will shelter their gains and help them build a retirement portfolio that could allow them to live the type of lifestyle they envision throughout their retirement years. 

If we've piqued your interest at all, check out this webinar, where you will learn:

  • That real estate is NOT a huge mystery.
  • You don't realize that most of the resources you need to be successful are right in front of your eyes.
  • Becoming a real estate investor doesn't need to be scary.
  • You can set yourself up for retirement success, too!
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Meet the Speakers

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Brittany Melville
Director, Marketing & Sales
Next Generation


Brittany leads marketing efforts to promote education on self-directed IRAs and oversees the team responsible for helping investors set up their accounts to make alternative investments – which include real estate, private equity, lending and more.


Navid Moosa

Navid Moosa
Entrepreneur - Agenteur - Wealth Building Creator

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Navid is the owner of Mr. Save A Home brand and the creator of "Becoming an Agenteur: The Basics" training.  He is also the owner of a real estate brokerage that focuses on educating investors to grow their wealth through real estate and performs one-on-one training with the agents on how to create win-win situations for their clients for all their real estate needs.  Navid has a generation of knowledge in the business and has been navigated through two economic crashes successfully.

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