Understanding Financial Fragility and its Impact on the Crypto Market

Presented by Next Generation and Pareto Technologies 

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A Careful Look into the Current State of the Cryptocurrency Market

Throughout our lifetimes, we are conditioned to become comfortable with the natural fluctuations of our financial markets. With current conditions in mind, coupled with inflation being at an all-time high, it's also natural for us to worry--especially for our retirement portfolios.

As we look to the alternative asset space, there are glimmers of hope for our futures as some of these asset classes tend to bode well during times like these. Including alternative assets as part of any retirement strategy can be attractive for experienced investors who want to diversify their portfolios and create a hedge against market volatility with added control over investment returns. However, a new and emerging alternative asset class (and new form of currency) may be just as volatile, or more so, than the stock market. 

Enter, the mysterious world of cryptocurrency. Last year, we were joined by experts to talk about what cryptocurrency is, including where it came from and how it's "mined." But there are still plenty of things we don't know and are continuing to learn about crypto. Is it a sustainable investment? Will it stand the test of time? 

For this webinar, we'll be joined by expert co-host Junaid Ghauri of Pareto Technologies to discuss: 

  • What is financial fragility?
  • How does cryptocurrency fragility differ from traditional financial market fragility?
  • What is the importance in understanding fragility with respect to current market conditions?
  • Will the crypto market recover?

As we close out the conversation, we'll briefly discuss how investments like cryptocurrency can be held within a self-directed retirement plan, presented by Next Generation's Jack Malpass. 

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Meet the Speakers


Jack Malpass
Business Development Specialist
Next Generation


As an integral member of the sales team, Jack brings over 15 years of customer service and sales experience to his role at Next Generation. As a business development specialist, Jack is tasked with identifying new potential referral sources and clients, educating them on the value of self-directed IRAs, and assisting those individuals with new account opening. Jack’s passion for connecting with and educating people stems from his 8-year tenure as a sales trainer at a sports eyewear company. Previously, he worked at the law firm of Riker, Danzig, Scherer, Hyland & Peretti; and Wiss and Company, an accounting firm based in Livingston, NJ. Jack also holds a certificate in Computer Tech Support from Chubb Institute.


Junaid Ghauri

Junaid Ghauri
Chief Investment Officer

Pareto Technologies

As Chief Investment Officer of Pareto Technologies, Junaid leads all investment and operational aspects of the firm. Prior to founding Pareto Technologies, he has held both technical and executive leadership roles in industries ranging from advertising to analytics. During his early career, he worked as a public sector climate scientist and private sector data scientist. Junaid is also an advisor to early stage, deep-tech and blockchain start-ups.

Junaid holds a Master of Science in Computational and Applied Mathematics from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor of Science in Physics from George Washington University.

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