The Benefits of a Passive Investment Strategy

Presented by Next Generation and Spartan Investment Group

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Discover a Hands-Off Approach to Non-Traditional Investing!

Are you worried about the stock market performance and/or the downfalls of high inflation and want to take a new approach to how you're investing your retirement money? Sometimes, investing in alternative assets -- like real estate -- can be a very hands-on project that you may not have the time to manage.

It is important, however, to note that not all investments are created the same and there are a ton of investing opportunities out there that carry a more passive role for the investor. So, not only are you gaining that hedge against the stock market and inflation, you also get to sit back, relax, and collect earnings with little to no involvement. 

The bulk of what we'll discuss during this webinar will include: 

  • The current state of the market and how it can influence investor decision-making
  • How passive investing can be a more lucrative approach to investing within the alternative space
  • How to approach investing passively
  • How passive investments can be included in a self-directed IRA

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Meet the Speakers

Scott Ritchie

Scott Ritchie
Business Development Specialist
Next Generation


Scott brings a wealth of experience to his role with the sales and marketing team at Next Generation, where he focuses on business development for the company. He has more than ten years of experience in the sales arena, including seven years in financial services, where he worked extensively with both group and individual retirement plan accounts. Scott has also worked in operations as well as marketing, media and public relations – all of which serve him well and bring diverse perspectives to his current role with Next Generation.


Ted Greene

Ted Greene
Investor Relations Manager

Spartan Investment Group


Ted spent 24 years as an investment advisor – most of that time was with Merrill Lynch. After leaving wall street, he joined Spartan Investment Group as Investor Relations Manager. In his current role he helps investors evaluate private real-estate investments made available through Spartan.

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