The Psychology of Financial Decision Making & How to Take Control of Your Financial Future This Year

Presented by Next Generation and Dr. Erika Rasure, Financial Therapist

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Control Your Future, Today!

The times are still a bit scary and we, of all people, understand how that influences your financial decision making -- especially when it comes to the ones that could hinder your financial future. Whether you're considering an alternative investment, or looking for investment options outside of the stock market, this session is packed full of information that will help you become confident in the choices you make that can impact your nest egg. 

The bulk of what we'll discuss during this webinar will include: 

  • The current state of the market and the emotions that can influence investor decision-making
  • How to take control of your financial future through self-directed IRAs
  • How self-directed IRAs work and everything else you need to know about them

Please note that this webinar has been pre-recorded. Upon registering for the webinar, you will have options to ask questions or contact the hosts on the video player page.


Meet the Speakers

Copy of Erica Figueiredo

Erica Figueiredo
Marketing Specialist
Next Generation


Erica has been on the sales and marketing team at Next Generation for nearly 5 years now. In her role, she oversees marketing strategy and execution across multiple channels, such as email, the website and social media. She also supports the sales team with events and conferences planning, creating and presenting educational content, and new client onboarding.


Erika Rasure

Dr. Erika Rasure
Practicing Financial Therapist



Dr. Erika Rasure is an accomplished former financial advisor and university professor turned financial therapist and transformational coach. As an educator and researcher, she is internationally-recognized as one of the most influential female personal finance, cryptocurrency, and blockchain experts in the world. Her rare perspective and expertise is highly sought after and celebrated by future of finance advocates worldwide.

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